Corporate Social Responsibility

The joy of giving is truly great!

We, as a company, are dedicated to our efforts to make a difference both socially and environmentally.


Social Programme

Simply Greek offers products, at no cost, to be sold at bazaars, fetes and fundraising events in aide of certain charities.

Apart from these activities, we produce 14 products exclusively for Wise Greece, a nonprofit organisation operating as a social enterprise by which profits are used to buy foods which are then donated to soup kitchens, foods banks, orphanages, homes for those in need. By doing this we make sure our effort to give back to society is sustainable and ongoing. Hence, we can offer on a regular and constant basis.

We started producing products for Wise Greece in May 2014 and up until now we have been able to offer thousands of portions of food for people in need.


Environmental Programme

Our programme to protect the environment as much as we can:

  • We have created our Simply Green Greek campaign urging people not to throw away the jars form our products. We offer ideas to re-use the jars – click here
  • We programme our production of each product in specific batches and also our ordering of ingredients so as to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • We have a delivery system to that we may make deliveries 3 times a week whereby all orders are gathered & organised according to location so that we may lower our carbon footprint by delivering by area.
  • We have switched to producing all our foodservice products in recyclable glass jars.
  • We reuse / recycle all the cardboard packaging in our warehouse