Sweet Flavours

Our sweet flavours have been especially crated to be enjoyed as jams and marmalades with toasts, cakes and desserts but also with cheese, meats and poultry

Orange with Aniseed

Great Taste Award

An absolutely Divine combination; it’s as if they were made for each other! The orange & the aniseed combine blissfully to create an electrifying, refreshing taste, unique & intense. Whether you enjoy it with cheese, chicken, pork, toast, you will be hooked & always come back for more….! A delicious marmalade for toast!

Simply Addictive!

Strawberry with Basil

Great Taste Award

Do you wish it to be a jam to be enjoyed on toast at breakfast, do you wish it to be a topping for afternoon cheesecake, or a condiment to accompany you pork or chicken, or perhaps to be served with your cheese platter….it can be all of these and more!

However & whatever time you decide to try it, it will offer you a stunning taste that you will simply adore…

Simply Adorable!

Fig with Walnut

The Divine Mediterranean fruit in a combination with the walnut & a splash of balsamic vinegar. The succulent fig offers its sweetness to this creation, the walnut its crunchy texture & magical taste & the balsamic vinegar that savoury flavour that allows this to be a dip, a condiment, a splendid addition to the cheese platter but also with bread or toast. Also marvellous in spoonfuls!!!

Simply Gorgeous!

Peach & Mint

Great Taste Award

The juicy peach combines with the fresh flavour of the mint to create a uniquely stimulating taste. It will tantalise your taste buds & bring you back for more!!! Simply glorious with cheese, chicken, pork, bread and….of course on toast!

Simply Thrilling!