About us


Simply & Greek!

Life is too short to waste even one meal eating boring & bland food!

So we are sharing with you our ideas & tastes from our own kitchen in our jars.

We have created a range of products with innovative flavour combinations and delectable tastes.

We aim to offer :

  • all natural products, produced for your flavour bursting culinary experiences that will be unique.
  • incredibly versatile products – you can enjoy is such a a vast array of ways, and only with just a twist of the lid since all our products are ready to use; practical and easy to use all day and every day!
  • flavours, tastes and memorable culinary experiences we ourselves share with family and friends.

Our ultimate goal is to make you smile each time you enjoy our products…at the end of the day….that’s what it’s all about!

We have achieved 10 Great Taste Awards and 3 Olymp Taste Awards so far, accomplishments that make especially proud to offer you an award winning range.

You can find our goodies in independent stores, butchers, delis, coffee shops, groceries, etc.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you enjoy our products as much we, our family and friends do!


The Simply Greek Team


Meet the Team



“I am passionate about taste, cooking and creating flavours that astonish at first but delight when tried. The best part being the smiles and the verbal expression of delight when people try my concoctions! My fav product is Tomato & Sweet Red Wine. I am addicted, ever since the day I created the flavour in the kitchen at home. It’s just lush with beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, pasta, casseroles…I could go on for ages. And I admit sometimes I just devour it with a spoon!”




 “I love to create & try new flavours ,using a variety of ingredient combinations when cooking and producing really different tastes..”

My favourite product is pea & mint spread which is which is a 2016 Great Taste Award winner ,an incredible combination of mashed pea and the freshly cut mint all in the same jar..





“I love to shop, travel and cook….Alexis calls me a typical blonde but who cares? My favourite product is the Tomato, Anthotyro and Thyme Sauce we make for Wise Greece. Its mild and has a freshness about it that makes it just delicious with shrimp, pasta, pizza and cheese.”




“I love to hang around people who I can learn from and better myself. My favourite product is our award winning Orange & Aniseed Marmalade beucause I love all things sweet (like me!) but it is amazing with the cheese my mum makes at home.”








“I am passionate about football and good food. My favourite product is our award winning Tomato & Thyme Sauce – I love pasta and this sauce is just superb with pasta.”



Apollo & Zeus

–our head security team names after the dogs for Magnum PI! They love all our tomato based sauce served with anything meaty!







Our Story so far…


  • we start cooking up (!) the idea of creating a brand. We ask ourselves… why pray tell can there be a brand of sauces that are ready to use with just a twist of the lid, easy to use and so versatile you can use them on or with anything, that taste just like the sauces we make at home?


  • we create 6 tomato based sauces and invite friends and family over to try. They blind taste them and guessed the flavour of each one & devoured them with joy. 6 year old Sotiri sat in a corner with a bowl of sauce devoured it with a spoon. When his mum asked what he was eating, she was stunned to find out it was Tomato & Basil sauce. She said in amazement “he doesn’t like basil!” that was it, the decision was made – we go into production.


  • we start production and distribution and our sauces start gracing the shelves of stores.


  • we achieve our first Great Taste Award for our Tomato & Garlic Sauce and so proud we could have screamed the top off a mountain!



  • proved a very productive year! Throughout the year we launched new flavours, Peach & Min, Strawberry & Basil, Orange & Aniseed, Tomato & Sweet Red Wine, Tomato & Aubergine, Spinach & Feta, Beetroot, Feta & Mint and Black Olive with Walnut


  • we proudly achieve our 2nd Great Taste Award for Tomato & Sweet Red Wine Sauce.



  • together with Amvrosia Gourmet & the Foodie Corner we create a love sauce whereby we donate 0.50cnts from each sale to charity.


  • we launch Tomato & Hoeny Liqueur, Pea & Mint and Fig & Walnut


  • we meet the team from Wise Greece, a nonprofit company that uses profit to buy food for food banks, soup kitchens, orphanages, etc. We create arrange of products exclusively for Wise Greece to support their cause starting with Greek salad in a jar, Moussaka, Stuffed Tomatoes, Tomato & Tsipouro, Spicy Pepper & Feta, Tomato & Plum Sauce


  • we achieve 2 more Great Taste Awards, Peach & Mint and Flaming Red Pepper



  • we launch our Greek dipping sauce, and also for our Wise Greece range Tomato, Anthotyro & Thyme Sauce, Citrus Fruits & Cinnamon, Tomato, Mastic & Mint, and Sweet & Sour Sauce


  • 2015 yet another Great Taste Award! Our Orange & Aniseed Marmalade made us proud!



  • we launch 4 salt mixes for our Wise Greece range; BBQ, Oriental, Spicy and Garlic salts


  • we achieve 3 more taste awards, Olymp Awards, for 3 products from our Wise Greece range, Tomato, Anthotyro & Thyme Sauce, Citrus Fruits & Cinnamon, Tomato and Sweet & Sour Sauce


  • we break our record and so proudly achieve 5 more Great Taste Awards, Tomato & Thyme Sauce, Pea & Mint, Spinach & Feta and from our Wise Greece range Greek salad in a jar and Spicy Pepper & Feta




We start our fifth year of existence with a refreshing new look! Working closely with the fabulous Add Honey Sweet Branding Company we created a new look for our labels.