Sweet Flavours

 Οι γλυκές μας γεύσεις έχουν δημιουργηθεί για να τις απολαμβάνουμε και με γλυκά, αλλά και με αλμυρές… με το πρωϊνό μας με ψωμάκι ή φρυγανιά, σε κρέπες, σε τάρτες, σε γλυκά όπως τσίζκέϊκ… αλλά, και συνοδεία με τυριά, αλλαντικά, με κοτόπουλο, χοιρινό και γαλοπούλα…

Orange with Aniseed

Great Taste Award

An absolutely Divine combination; it’s as if they were made for each other! The orange & the aniseed combine blissfully to create an electrifying, refreshing taste, unique & intense. Whether you enjoy it with cheese, chicken, pork, toast, you will be hooked & always come back for more….!

Simply Addictive!


Strawberry with Basil

Do you wish it to be a jam to be enjoyed on toast at breakfast, do you wish it to be a topping for afternoon cheescake, or a condiment to accompany you pork or chicken, or perhaps to be served with your cheese platter….?

However & whatever time you decide to try it, it will offer you a stunning taste that you will simply adore…

Simply Adorable!

Fig with  Walnut

The Divine Mediterraean fruit in a combination with the walnut & a splash of balsamic vinegar. The succulent fig offers its sweetness to this creation, the walnut its crunchy texture & magical taste & the balsamic vinegar that savoury flavour that allows this to be a dip, a condiment, a splendid addition to the cheese platter but also with bread or toast. Also marvelous in spoonfuls!!!

Simply Gorgeous!

Peach & Mint

Great Taste Award

The juicy peach combines with the fresh flavour of the mint to create a uniquely stimulating taste. It will tantalize your taste buds & bring you back for more!!! Simply glorious with cheese, chicken, pork, bread and….

Simply Thrilling!